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Wireless printing with HP LaserJet 1020 and Apple Macintosh

I got an used HP LaserJet 1020 printer recently which prints mostly well when connected to a Macbook Pro.

Upgrade Crucial m4 SSD firmware on Mac without CD drive

Upgrading the Crucial m4 SSD firmware on the Mac without CD drive can be challenging. Easiest way I found is to use rEFIt Syslinux and an USB flash drive (USB stick).

How to shrink a Mac OS X Lion guest in VMWare

  1. In the guest: Use Disk Utility to Erase Free Space: Start the Disk Utility.app, select the disk in question, choose the Erase tab and click the Erase Free Space button there.

Enter redirect from your 404 page

Eliminating Page not found errors (or Error 404) is not as easy as it can be.

Online Shop using Ubercart and Drupal

The Online Shop Elektrofahrrad24 - a shop spezialised on e-bikes (electro bicycles) and accessories - is up and running.

ALT-L at Ubuntu 11.04 at VMWare Fusion (Macintosh)

To map the ALT-L key of my Macbook Pro keyboard to the @ char in a Ubuntu virtual machine using VMWare Fusion I used a ~/.Xmodmap file. In Ubuntu I had configured a Apple Laptop keyboard.

Reverse HTTP Proxy configuration

How to create a reverse HTTP Proxy AKA how to get the content from a webserver delivered by another one.

Running Drush in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

To run drush - the Drupal Shell - you need to have a php shell command installed. Up to Mac OS X 10.5 I just used the php command delivered by Apple. In Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) it changed to be version 5.3 which currently still conflicts with Drupal 6 and therefore breaks drush.

Update: From version 6.14 on Drupal core works with PHP 5.3.

Contact forms to blocks

Ever wanted to show your Drupal contact form at every page using a Block? You can now by using the Contact form blocks module.

Sending email from a local development machine using a Smart Host

Sending email from your local machine using Drupal or any other PHP based application often does not work. The solution is to use a remote mail server (called Smart Host) for delivering emails.

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