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Contact forms to blocks

Ever wanted to show your Drupal contact form at every page using a Block? You can now by using the Contact form blocks module.


  • Show your contact form at any place where you can show a Drupal Block. For every contact form category you get one block.
  • Use the Block visibility settings to control at which page(s) it should be shown.
  • Hide some of the contact form categories at the site-wide contact form.
  • Available for Drupal 5.x and 6.x.

The following screenshot demonstrates how to configure a contact form category and show it as a block:

How to configure a contact form category and show it as a block

Have a look at the documentation page at drupal.org.


Some weeks ago I was looking for a solution to display one of the contact form categories at every page. Natural Drupal method would be to use a block. Showing the contact form as a block is possible by the help of the Form block module. Unfortunately it shows all contact form categories you configured in Administer > Site building > Contact form.

Because a patch to the Form block module apparently wasn't noticed by the developers of that module I decided to code it by myself. The result is the Contact form blocks module.


Such common sense! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your work.

I'm going off to add it to my core distro.


When I submit the contact form on block the e-mail gets sent. However the form stays filled and user has no idea if the message was sent or not. Is this normal behavior or is it just me?