Drupal upgrade easier

2015-06-17: Upgraded patch files to Drupal 7.38 as well as 6.36.

The standard procedure to upgrade Drupal to the latest release is to download it from drupal.org and follow the included UPGRADE.txt.

For administrators using the UNIX shell it may be easier using the attached patch files below instead of downloading and installing the newest complete Drupal release.

To patch your Drupal installation follow UPGRADING.txt up to and including

  • for Drupal 6: 5. Disable all custom and contributed modules.
  • for Drupal 7: 2. Go to Administration > Configuration > Development > Maintenance mode...

Now go on using this commands:

  • Dry run for testing without modifying anything: patch -p1 --dry-run < PATCHFILE
  • Do the real patching: patch -p1 < PATCHFILE

Your Drupal installation is now upgraded. proceed with UPGRADING.txt from

  • for Drupal 6: 9. Verify the new configuration file to make sure it has correct information.
  • for Drupal 7: 5. Re-apply any modifications to files such as .htaccess or robots.txt.

Note: Most important step after upgrading is to run update.php as described in UPGRADING.txt above.


If you get errors like Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected or 1 out of 2 hunks FAILED while running the patch dry run (second command above) immediately interrupt patching and upgrade following the steps explained in UPGRADING.txt.

Use this patch files on your own responsibility. I don't guarantee the proper function of the patch files on Drupal installations other than my own.

Note: If the patch process gets interrupted and leaves a mix of patched and unpatched files you may re-run it by ignoring already patched files after eliminating the reason of the interruption:

  • patch -p1 -N < PATCHFILE

You may savely remove reject files created during that process:

  • find . -name "*.rej" | xargs rm

Patch files

Drupal 7

To verify the integrity of the patch files use this MD5 hashes:

MD5 (drupal-7.0-to-7.38.patch) = 02000a0c52fae70b3a6fa35a2ebc7266
MD5 (drupal-7.1-to-7.38.patch) = 00f58d272eae21451304cf4efb08adc1
MD5 (drupal-7.2-to-7.38.patch) = d5d18e24fabac001425e5aa1660004e0
MD5 (drupal-7.3-to-7.38.patch) = 227e41ac740ba331f450d0f13e85eecb
MD5 (drupal-7.4-to-7.38.patch) = beb5156ccee2079544476653c8896d87
MD5 (drupal-7.5-to-7.38.patch) = 9cc55153b084234bb6eb224bb242c725
MD5 (drupal-7.6-to-7.38.patch) = 195ee44290818e44f2a5e79f818a0411
MD5 (drupal-7.7-to-7.38.patch) = 6617c05db1c2f732cf7caffb33cee1c0
MD5 (drupal-7.8-to-7.38.patch) = 8cf3b9c4ae34b569764ebcf82ab62a95
MD5 (drupal-7.9-to-7.38.patch) = 924e18a8677d817a490a70d466d38cf6
MD5 (drupal-7.10-to-7.38.patch) = 69b6e4d728f1d9f7e9f55cba5d917332
MD5 (drupal-7.11-to-7.38.patch) = 8f7d952e6fef5378b08f31bde4f6a55c
MD5 (drupal-7.12-to-7.38.patch) = ce5024bebe38c2c5199d8aa5a4347886
MD5 (drupal-7.13-to-7.38.patch) = 87c9ed5e23209413ca004c65bc6fd51a
MD5 (drupal-7.14-to-7.38.patch) = 61dfd4455d6cc4dbc98e1b2f7f140fcc
MD5 (drupal-7.15-to-7.38.patch) = c4877edbd08fc62c407120a1232824b6
MD5 (drupal-7.16-to-7.38.patch) = f26099ccb0c02c7ea09eb43e7e697ebe
MD5 (drupal-7.17-to-7.38.patch) = 62ef72e495274003b982ee017081e21b
MD5 (drupal-7.18-to-7.38.patch) = 2ef7e19582c2d1f2098b100f47124009
MD5 (drupal-7.19-to-7.38.patch) = cdbfb44ead4592be3f4f399bd32f5814
MD5 (drupal-7.20-to-7.38.patch) = 6e8bafba6eec3acdfeba525af771a7eb
MD5 (drupal-7.21-to-7.38.patch) = ad23034337f245339169a1494200bcc6
MD5 (drupal-7.22-to-7.38.patch) = 91846026fad852c13313d8bfeb6c1724
MD5 (drupal-7.23-to-7.38.patch) = 7b39b1be9d29f32fd076411d746e650d
MD5 (drupal-7.24-to-7.38.patch) = fa6810c4a6a34470a24284cab1ad2678
MD5 (drupal-7.25-to-7.38.patch) = 0d921a4cad47f6e9d7760e5ffec0ff00
MD5 (drupal-7.26-to-7.38.patch) = 645a6a41038cd80645e8f4a5497e251b
MD5 (drupal-7.27-to-7.38.patch) = 580fe9e3344d157331bd50afe8df62d1
MD5 (drupal-7.28-to-7.38.patch) = 0bd767b96f86965c9de6abc7c7567128
MD5 (drupal-7.29-to-7.38.patch) = de63d9dad5b8fc09fca1eb95d00bffcf
MD5 (drupal-7.30-to-7.38.patch) = f9c496224e7bfcf8ffe628fab3b38dc9
MD5 (drupal-7.31-to-7.38.patch) = 62dafaf0775a5bbd3bb8fa32ce928333
MD5 (drupal-7.32-to-7.38.patch) = 9e65920ffc7462b9275f1f417567a6c0
MD5 (drupal-7.33-to-7.38.patch) = 019d83c4df705e6c424b3dd4e5b9c7b0
MD5 (drupal-7.34-to-7.38.patch) = 2b83b1ce7609ecb73164a85571156e9f
MD5 (drupal-7.35-to-7.38.patch) = 821d2a236f965b7bf332b3d2f8ce59b6
MD5 (drupal-7.36-to-7.38.patch) = 547c86c262ead0c3e8ec5864f7262504
MD5 (drupal-7.37-to-7.38.patch) = c80cb8fd5acfec6008cd83813f581160

Drupal 6

To verify the integrity of the patch files use this MD5 hashes:

MD5 (drupal-6.0-to-6.36.patch) = 336a76a671f2c62811837d1d7d35a92a
MD5 (drupal-6.1-to-6.36.patch) = d9b896315f7877a3b4ec4e99ee594e4e
MD5 (drupal-6.2-to-6.36.patch) = 604126764a6f5f6485e95c708ca6060a
MD5 (drupal-6.3-to-6.36.patch) = 458fca57e997a4fe2595652d5afd813d
MD5 (drupal-6.4-to-6.36.patch) = 27e9771ed93d0567592033e3d96fd6f0
MD5 (drupal-6.5-to-6.36.patch) = bcbc161cfea7ee2ffb7e40897b082528
MD5 (drupal-6.6-to-6.36.patch) = 68fd051016cfef9ce0c6801771192d6a
MD5 (drupal-6.7-to-6.36.patch) = 2de9f529e442d92c73ca01979fbd38e1
MD5 (drupal-6.8-to-6.36.patch) = 0acec7b48017d92bf0cb302be22d58c5
MD5 (drupal-6.9-to-6.36.patch) = db5377e28f882a62126000adfd36f6ab
MD5 (drupal-6.10-to-6.36.patch) = e39d5c28e8ffca473339d2580438869a
MD5 (drupal-6.11-to-6.36.patch) = c4b1556a3d42753abc6f6c633f0d7705
MD5 (drupal-6.12-to-6.36.patch) = 2be466c2c32cb58ae2e52851050b1ee2
MD5 (drupal-6.13-to-6.36.patch) = 7050bd74b5b46846ff247538733b622d
MD5 (drupal-6.14-to-6.36.patch) = 5a71bab913f6ec4b696688130548cf76
MD5 (drupal-6.15-to-6.36.patch) = bb935687e87b320ce121c808a09956c6
MD5 (drupal-6.16-to-6.36.patch) = 568a66927d9817ece51e6c92cd5c2ff6
MD5 (drupal-6.17-to-6.36.patch) = 6ba63876b08835f96e3e4013dd001661
MD5 (drupal-6.18-to-6.36.patch) = 05595208839bd1d2ed6bd2384eb1d50c
MD5 (drupal-6.19-to-6.36.patch) = 79dd38c3754d2721c6e0b011a03e589f
MD5 (drupal-6.20-to-6.36.patch) = 0aa0626903c936ca05d172f4150dd721
MD5 (drupal-6.21-to-6.36.patch) = 5eb3d4741c8fe31b13855b24a7bb9028
MD5 (drupal-6.22-to-6.36.patch) = 3e9a10ba60f26d3d784a95fc57e1279d
MD5 (drupal-6.23-to-6.36.patch) = 5e377b11bc1cf87cbfcbf134457e3cec
MD5 (drupal-6.24-to-6.36.patch) = aa906b84d0d67464b1f8098fdab5c98b
MD5 (drupal-6.25-to-6.36.patch) = 30fa80267e231b86b32a0af9c0dc6318
MD5 (drupal-6.26-to-6.36.patch) = 23eb4c04f76ec938f3244d4fe5b31815
MD5 (drupal-6.27-to-6.36.patch) = 1655e455dc4d82e2984b48e49f761b6c
MD5 (drupal-6.28-to-6.36.patch) = 41e7b7e7f04cd1faf6bf4c9556cb737d
MD5 (drupal-6.29-to-6.36.patch) = 9eb9e46fc5d9f6cb127386fca88e2e6a
MD5 (drupal-6.30-to-6.36.patch) = 142853d1720e86465de0bf96d4f1c5df
MD5 (drupal-6.31-to-6.36.patch) = e4f7922a6d61786173f2c620e20d3b17
MD5 (drupal-6.32-to-6.36.patch) = ea30d0a5fc28bb55b6c091c391b4e587
MD5 (drupal-6.33-to-6.36.patch) = bc1e39d24c598d618bcaeb81df5f16f2
MD5 (drupal-6.34-to-6.36.patch) = c6d683983d11986b9f8038dac4e497d4
MD5 (drupal-6.35-to-6.36.patch) = f8088bfb28ca6cb2115b325a1fb25079

Drupal 5

To verify the integrity of the patch files use this MD5 hashes:

  MD5 (drupal-5.0-to-5.23.patch) = 13235f0c50caf2f0366403563053fbba
  MD5 (drupal-5.1-to-5.23.patch) = e2d5fc4ec6da1f1db2f83204eef03160
  MD5 (drupal-5.2-to-5.23.patch) = 13da34e36fb58f422c86c1574e26719b
  MD5 (drupal-5.3-to-5.23.patch) = dd826e692ab5e9e50ce55feac0b82673
  MD5 (drupal-5.4-to-5.23.patch) = e44a1f00549c5d39bbe359772db4ec9d
  MD5 (drupal-5.5-to-5.23.patch) = 4f06344f52f3c476e458f01c4925e987
  MD5 (drupal-5.6-to-5.23.patch) = bd31200144a9b716e4a1cad1930796f1
  MD5 (drupal-5.7-to-5.23.patch) = 598e037a8840d79509ea5c247dff975e
  MD5 (drupal-5.8-to-5.23.patch) = 2a53dedeb3b00c679ccb0dae44379789
  MD5 (drupal-5.9-to-5.23.patch) = 8dd63096cf7c5dd73e968f770f56301b
  MD5 (drupal-5.10-to-5.23.patch) = a6127a53d945659efde17a31e8037b79
  MD5 (drupal-5.11-to-5.23.patch) = 841eabce62cac99f98e77de733aeb7c6
  MD5 (drupal-5.12-to-5.23.patch) = ddb82f96ad7915e34111df4706237c11
  MD5 (drupal-5.13-to-5.23.patch) = 41bf265e25a1d6c9324e4f6c7b5ff067
  MD5 (drupal-5.14-to-5.23.patch) = 7c48dca7dd10533fe65c895d33c7be56
  MD5 (drupal-5.15-to-5.23.patch) = ae1a31e80c3b24dfa1710adecbd1cce9
  MD5 (drupal-5.16-to-5.23.patch) = 72e25e1c680b75cbc1f8b303c4d97cba
  MD5 (drupal-5.17-to-5.23.patch) = 0fee19e0808ec863284618ce8f506d6c
  MD5 (drupal-5.18-to-5.23.patch) = 997f35d8372277203e5129e9bc684f81
  MD5 (drupal-5.19-to-5.23.patch) = 6189d7c3c3139647dfd519b727d8f12f
  MD5 (drupal-5.20-to-5.23.patch) = 33d48157e036411fd336a5d9023c8644
  MD5 (drupal-5.21-to-5.23.patch) = 86cb8be7e01f576177765d670332e4fb
  MD5 (drupal-5.22-to-5.23.patch) = 94488c667c2c68d48438d81129e3edca

Upgrade major releases of Drupal


Below are patch files to upgrade major releases of Drupal. Please try with caution.

To verify the integrity of the patch files use this MD5 hashes:

MD5 (drupal-5.23-to-6.36.patch) = 9ffdb95d11f67d964e1e4940623e5ec7
MD5 (drupal-6.36-to-7.38.patch) = a13df4ba7a428e85c57a65eded9e89d0



Thank you so much for this page. I used to hate the "Update of the week" from drupal. With these patches it is a SNAP!


drupal-5.14-to-5.15.patch works properly

Thank you for your great job. I have used the drupal-5.14-to-5.15.patch on a multi-site installation and it worked without any errors.

Thanks a lot dude! With your

Thanks a lot dude! With your work updating drupal it really takes just only a second! Thanks and thanks again :)


Thank you very very much.Worked without a hitch.

Thank you!

Once more, thank you so much for this page! Using these patches has really saved me lots of time when upgrading our system to 6.12.

Big time-saver!

I just upgraded three of my drupal sites using your patch files, and for once, they went smoothly, and QUICKLY!

Thank you!

Thank you for providing all

Thank you for providing all this useful stuff on your page.


... runs like Schmidts cat!!!

How to use, I don't understand the procedure


I have a windows based laptop from which I am going to try to upgrade my site which resides on a linux box. I currently use 6.6 and would like to upgrade to 6.14.

Can someone here please give me a step-by-step. I have been regretting not knowing enough and installing drupal. And upgradations are the only reasons. Please help.

Nice work! Maybe a little problem on 6.9->6.14 ?

Nice work, really nice work.

You saved me hours every upgrade!!

Im afraid to ask you, but did you check the 6.9 to 6.14 patch? Because im getting some errors and, since before it went smooth all the times, im wondering if maybe you upload a wrong file (i do it all the time ;) ).

Thanks again

No problem

Tried it with a fresh 6.9 and the patch went through without a hitch. May be you did some changes to your 6.9 files in the past?

Thank you

I favor quick and simple approaches, and eventually gave yours a try with 6.14-to-6.15. For me, this is definitely the way to go. Thank you very much indeed!

Smooth update!

Thanks for the great patch set - the update was smooth!


...a lot of them. I was choosing a CMS, and I was thinking about dropping drupal just for the upgrade complexity (hey, in wordpress is just clicking a button...). You saved the day.

This is *the* recommended way

This is *the* recommended way of upgrading Drupal! I just upgraded from 6.15 to 6.16 and it worked flawlessly and was over in a couple of methods. It's so easy compared to the method suggested in upgrade.txt (download tarball, remove all old files, unzip tarball... no thanks!).

The instructions are pretty simply but because they reference upgrade.txt I thought I would share the entire process here as a quick overview (please make sure you still read upgrade.txt and instructions on this page):
1. backup drupal db
2. backup drupal root directory and sub directories
3. Make sure you are logged in as admin (uid=1)
4. Place site in maintainece mode, /admin/settings/site-maintenance
5. If using a custom or contributed theme, switch to a core theme, such as Garland or Bluemarine.
6. get latest patch file from http://fuerstnet.de/en/drupal-upgrade-easier
6. cd your-drupal-directory
7. Dry run: patch -p1 --dry-run < patchfile
8. Patch: patch -p1 < patch-file
9. Verify the new configuration file to make sure it has correct information. sites/default/settings.php
10. Run update.php by visiting /update.php
11. enable usual theme
12. Finally, return your site to "Online" mode so your visitors may resume

That's it! Thanks Bernhard Fürst - you're a champ!

The dry run is failing. Suggestions?

I'm seeing...

[...]$ patch -p1 --dry-run < drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch
patching file .htaccess
Hunk #1 FAILED at 3.
Hunk #2 FAILED at 66.
Hunk #3 FAILED at 113.
3 out of 3 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file .htaccess.rej


can't find file to patch at input line 2288
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|diff -Naur drupal-6.14/modules/node/node.info drupal-6.16/modules/node/node.info
|--- drupal-6.14/modules/node/node.info 2009-09-16 21:40:27.000000000 +0200
|+++ drupal-6.16/modules/node/node.info 2010-03-04 01:20:08.000000000 +0100


Any ideas on how to solve?

Check the Drupal version

I tried the drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch file with a fresh Drupal 6.14 - no problem. Run the patch command from within the root of your Drupal installation. Also make sure your Drupal version is at 6.14 (check the included CHANGELOG.txt). Did you modify the Drupal core files?

Thanks... I did it the old school way

I wasn't able to successfully patch 6.14 to 6.16 so I just did it the old-fashioned way. :)

Thanks, anyway. :)

Thanks for your work

I tried to diff a drupal installation, when i discover your out-of-the-box-working ones.
Nice job !

I love you for sharing this.

I love you for sharing this. A much more reasonable way for minor ugprades

6.17 patch

Thanks much for all the previous patches. They have worked well. Are you coming out with the patch for 6.17 soon, or should I roll my own instead?

Must have missed that. It is

Must have missed that. It is online now - thanks for pointing me to it.

patch file in root 14->17

Is this correct? It implies, I think, that you have left the 14->16 patch file somewhere it shouldn't be when you did the diff.

diff -Naur drupal-6.14/drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch drupal-6.17/drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch
--- drupal-6.14/drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch 2010-03-04 09:22:40.000000000 +0100
+++ drupal-6.17/drupal-6.14-to-6.16.patch 1970-01-01 01:00:00.000000000 +0100

Patch complains it's going to remove it, declaring at the same time it doesn't exist!


You are right. Corrected

You are right. Corrected patch file is online now. Only drupal-6.14-to-6.17.patch was affected.

Now THAT is handy

Awesome job friend :) This is a very convenient way to update. I've been using Drush to my core updates, but it involves a lot more directory/file-moving (danger!). I use git, so if patches break, it's no biggie. Thanks!

I just used this upgrade and

I just used this upgrade and was just reminded how easy and straightforward it is.
Great work, dude, a lot of us can vouch that this is pretty important code you are working on :)

New patch

Hi, first of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this one! It's so smooth!
A question for you: When the patch for drupal 6.19 to 6.20 will be released ?

Thanks in advance for your time


You provide a great service!!!

Thanks! And an update error

Hi there, thanks for providing these patches! This patch update method is definitely the easiest for me.

However, I had a bit of an issue with my 6.19 -> 6.20 upgrade. The dry run didn't give me any significant errors that I couldn't work around. So went ahead and applied the patch. However, the patch process got up to this point and failed:

patching file modules/user/user.module
patching file robots.txt
patching file sites/default/default.settings.php
patch: **** Can't remove file sites/default/default.settings.php : Permission denied

The problem is that it failed and stopped, leaving me with a half patched system. Fortunately the only remaining items were a few default theme folders, which I manually copied over to my root. But are there any workarounds so that this doesn't happen again?

Thanks a lot!

No write access to this file?

The message Permission denied does mean you do not have write access to the file sites/default/default.settings.php. Make sure, you either own it and it is writable by you or temporarily (and as the user who owns it) set it to writable by anyone before patching.

re: No write access to this file?

Thanks for the reply Bernhard.

Yes, this file was not writeable. I guess I was just wondering if there is any way to make the process a bit more failsafe, so that it continues patching the rest of the files even if there is an error.

re: No write access to this file?

I had the same problem with a single site configuration (where the settings.php is in sites/default and not in sites/example.com). I was wondering because with the --dry-run option I didn't get any error.

I guess, that the folder containing settings.php will be set to read only by the drupal installation script.

So you may run chmod u+w sites/default/ in drupal root before patching drupal and chmod u-w sites/default/ after patching.

A++ would patch again.

The standard upgrade instructions made me cry myself to sleep at night, but this patch file is absolutely amazing. I have my site running on a new core after only 10 minutes.

Thank you so much! :D

disable selinux first

If you use CentOS or Redhat with selinux, be sure to turn selinux either off or to permissive mode before patching.

Thanks for the patch,

Patch 6.x to 7.x?

Hi! I just patched Drupal to 6.20 and want to thank you - again! - for this great tool. I was wondering if you have any plans of releasing a patch for drupal 6.20 to 7.0? That would mean a lot to use who manage drupal on a daily basis. Thank you again.

Please try with caution

I created 2 patch files (see above):

  • drupal-5.23-to-6.22.patch
  • drupal-6.22-to-7.2.patch

When testing against the corresponding lower version it did look 100% good. Please try with caution anyway!

patch: **** strip count l is

patch: **** strip count l is not a number

Checked the hashtag, and it matches.

I'll be honest, I tried

I'll be honest, I tried patching while I was tired, this is really a no no. I've used quite a few of these patches before. The 6.22 to 7.4 took a wrong turn. I have a multisite install and I had all sites in off-line mode but I did neglect to set default themes. My default.settings.php file was unwriteable as well. Is there a logical way to resolve my issue ?

Currently I'm receiving the following errors:
Notice: Use of undefined constant DRUPAL_ROOT - assumed 'DRUPAL_ROOT' in /home1/.../public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 1971

Warning: require_once(DRUPAL_ROOT../includes/errors.inc) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home1/.../public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 1971

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'DRUPAL_ROOT../includes/errors.inc' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home1/.../public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 1971

Try searching drupal.org

At my tests (vanilla 6.22 patched using drupal-6.22-to-7.4.patch) the default.settings.php is writable.

For the DRUPAL_ROOT problem try searching drupal.org, i.e. http://drupal.org/node/1009966. Looks like a 6.x -> 7.x upgrading issue.

I've been reading all that

I've been reading all that info and haven't been able to get a good handle on where to set the define("DRUPAL_ROOT", since I dont have an external script, would I make this change in the patch and run it again ?

Follow the standard upgrade path

I indeed pointed you to something not helpful for your situation, sorry! I guess something else is messed up in your setup. You rather should follow the standard upgrade path as described in drupal-7.4/UPGRADE.txt than using the patch file.

Malformed patch error when upgrading 7.0 to 7.2

You are doing an awesome job! I am using your patches all the time. Today was the first time when I got an error when doing a dry run.

When upgrading 7.0 to 7.2, I get this:

Patching file misc/watchdog-error.png using Plan A...
patch: **** malformed patch at line 6163: diff -Naur drupal-7.0/misc/watchdog-ok.png drupal-7.2/misc/watchdog-ok.png

Thanks in advance!

Got no error when throwing

Got no error when throwing the patch against a vanilla Drupal 7.0 as described above. Please make sure the patch file you downloaded does not changed somehow at your machine: check the MD5 hash using `md5` or `md5sum`.

I downloaded vanilla Drupal

I downloaded vanilla Drupal 7.0, extracted it and ran the patch against it with no problems. So something else was fishy with my install. My bad. Thank you!

Thank you very much. This is

Thank you very much. This is AWESOME!!! this way its also easy to maintain any core patches as i dont have to reapply them!

Thanks again for your great work

Thank you

Thank you for this amazing job!

upgrade from 6.20 to 6.22 for multisites

can i use the above described approach to upgrade my drupal multisites from drupl 6.20 to 6.22? if can't, how should i do this? thanks.

Patching Drupal will upgrade

Patching Drupal will upgrade all Sites in your sites/ directory. Make sure you run update.php for every site after upgrading.

Drupal 7.7 to 7.8

Any chance of getting a 7.7 to 7.8 update? I find that this method of updating drupal sites more convenient compared to their manual download upgrade.

Thanks - must have missed

Thanks - must have missed that release.