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Welcome to Webkonzepte und Programierung Bernhard Fürst. I'm planning and implementing Web and Internet projects as well as iPhone Apps. I'm specialist for Content Management (CMS Drupal), Customer Relationship Management (CiviCRM), Web shops (Ubercart) and customized Web and database applications. You may reach me by phone at +49-351-417222131 or via Email using the Contact formulare.

PECL uploadprogress extension on Mac OS X using Fink

To use the eye candy uploading progress meter of the CCK FileField module you need to install either the APC byte cache or the PECL uploadprogress extension.

Time Machine backup to My Book World Edition NAS

How to do Time Machine backups on the My Book World Edition NAS (network attached storage).

Default Input Format per user role

What are Input Formats

Input Format in Drupal are filters which modify the content of a page before it is displayed to a visitor. Out of the box Drupal provides 2 input formats:

Rollenbasierte Zugriffsbeschränkungen in Drupal

Folgende Module stehen zur Verfügung, um Zugriff auf Nodes nach Rollen einzuschränken.

Disable spell checking on Mac OS X

It drove me nuts to disable the automatic spell checking on text input fields in Mac OS X again and again to make that red lines going away on technical terms or other stuff not known by the spell checker.

Roundcube, Dovecot IMAP and case sensitive user names

Do your mail users like it to use mixed upper/lower case in user names? So the problem described below may hit you.

Your mail user is known to the system as user.name@domain.tld.

Preview to Direct Debit payment processor for CiviCRM and Drupal payment gateway module

Update: Our modifications to CiviCRM are in CiviCRM 3.0 core now. We will publish the Payment Processor and the corresponding Drupal module in the next weeks. Don't expect fast process though - we are quite busy currently. Use our demo at http://civi.fuerstnet.de (username and password: demo) meanwhile.

Update 2: Get a newer version of this text including downloadable files at http://fuerstnet.de/de/node/151 (german only).

Web- and Emailhosting

Welcome to Webkonzepte und Programierung Bernhard Fürst. We are planning and implementing Web and Internet projects as well as iPhone Apps.

Using Mondorescue to restore a server image on VMWare

To get a working copy of a complete remote server running in VMWare I used Mondo Rescue for backup and restoring.

Drupal upgrade the easy way

2017-02-14: Fixed drupal-7.52-to-7.54.patch.

The standard procedure to upgrade Drupal to the latest release is to download it from drupal.org and follow the included UPGRADE.txt.

For administrators using the UNIX shell it may be easier using the attached patch files below instead of downloading and installing the newest complete Drupal release.

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