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Welcome to Webkonzepte und Programierung Bernhard Fürst. I'm planning and implementing Web and Internet projects as well as iPhone Apps. I'm specialist for Content Management (CMS Drupal), Customer Relationship Management (CiviCRM), Web shops (Ubercart) and customized Web and database applications. You may reach me by phone at +49-351-417222131 or via Email using the Contact formulare.

HTTP-Header und POST-Parameter anschauen und modifizieren

* Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.
* Trace and time http response/requests.
* Security test web applications by modifying POST parameters.


CSS-, DOM- und Javascript-Debugger für Firefox

A quick overview of FireBug's features:

* JavaScript debugger for stepping through code one line at a time
* Status bar icon shows you when there is an error in a web page
* A console that shows errors from JavaScript and CSS
* Log messages from JavaScript in your web page to the console (bye bye "alert debugging")
* An JavaScript command line (no more "javascript:" in the URL bar)
* Spy on XMLHttpRequest traffic
* Inspect HTML source, computed style, events, layout and the DOM


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