Remote Zend Debugging mit SSH tunneln

"An SSH tunnel is any standard ssh connection which is used to forward other traffic. In this case we will forward Zend Studio traffic (by default, port 10000). When a debug request is made from Zend Development Environment , the Studio Server will try to respond to the debugger on port 10000.

The first thing we need to do is to tell the server where to connect to. Since we are going to be forwarding the connection, we tell the server to connect to itself (ie. This means that the server is going to send debug information to itself on port 10000.

The next step is to forward the server's port 10000 to our local machine, where we are running the Zend Development Environment . To do this we will setup our ssh client to forward the remote traffic on port 10000 to our workstation on port 10000. Once this is done whenever we need to debug php files on the remote server, we can start our ssh tunnel and go!

1) In Zend Development Environment, change the client IP address to '' To do this: a) In Studio: Choose Tools then Preferences from the toolbar b) Select the Debug tab c) Change Client IP from Default to Customized d) In the text box beside Customized enter the address

2) Setup the SSH tunnel from your desktop to the server (All of the following settings are for connecting from the Zend Development Environment machine to the Studio Server machine): To do this using Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X command line: a) Run ssh -R 10000:localhost:10000 {Server Hostname} -l {Username} from the command line "

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